The Skin Rejuvenation anti-aging Sensation

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Home Use Anti-aging Collagen Light Therapy Units - Fantastic Business Opportunity
Vertical Collagen Therapy Unit

Would you like to be our local agent in Bristol for Collagen Red Light Therapy?

Collagen is a human protein which is responsible for the tightness, elasticity and suppleness of our skin. As we grow older our bodies lose their ability to effectively rebuild collagen.

Recent extensive research carried out by NASA supported by long-term scientific studies have shown that collagen production can be stimulated using red light waves of 633 nanometers.

This red light technology has now been incorporated into the revolutionary design of the all new Collagen Therapy Beds. Fitted with Cosmedico COLLAGEN Pro Beauty lamps these HOME USE Therapy Units are now available to hire or buy. This now makes home beauty treatment possible using this fantastic new Skin Rejuvenation Sensation.

A regular course of treatment using one of the all new Collagen Therapy Units will encourage the skin cells to naturally stimulate the body's own production of collagen and elastin. This visible anti-aging effect can help reduce wrinkles whilst firming and toning the skin.

Collagen Light Canopy Units for Home Hire currently rent out for between £49.00 & £75.00 per 4 weeks hire. This revolutionary new treatment in rapidly taking the beauty world by storm and is set to become the most popular new treatment available in 2011. Local area demand for Home Use Collagen Therapy is expected to be high with excellent profit margins for hard working agents. Siesta Health & Beauty are expanding nationwide in 2011 and are appointing agents in all major cities throughout the U.K to promote this exciting NEW treatment. If you would like to become our agent for the Bristol area, please contact us now for more information on our bulk purchase discounts for Collagen Light Therapy Products. Full business support and start up assistance offered in return for hard work and dedication in promoting the new product. With no franchise fees this truly is a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor and enjoy the lucrative profits available as part of our dedicated national team.

Canopy Collagen Therapy Unit
Double Collagen Therapy Unit
Before Treatment
After Treatment

Benefits of Treatment


* Improvement of skins elasticity suppleness and firmness
* Reduction of lines, especially around eyes , neck and mouth
* Renewal of collagen and elastin fibres
* Oxygenation and detoxification of the skin
* Activation of the skins metabolism
* Promotion of a healthy skin
* No negative side effects
Pain free ~ Safe ~ Relaxing


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